Additional Resources for Maintenance Professionals

EPA Managing Pests in Schools – An introduction to IPM and information for participants establishing a new program.

School IPM 2020: A Strategic Plan for Integrated Pest Management in Schools in the United States – Comprehensive review of current non-crop IPM strategies with special attention to implementing IPM in schools.

iSchool Pest Manager –  A central hub for IPM materials for school districts’ use in verifiable IPM. The overall goal is to increase the numbers of schools conducting verifiable school IPM programs, improving human health, the environment, and/or the school community.

CA Dept. of Pesticide Regulation: IPM for Maintenance and Operations staff – Information on the Healthy Schools Act and how to apply IPM in your school.

eXtension (2012) Indoor and Outdoor School IPM Strategies – Simple control strategies for common indoor and outdoor pests.