Attend this webinar to learn how to-

  • Describe the importance and benefits of implementing a proactive green cleaning program that emphasizes indoor air quality (IAQ) and preventive maintenance practices.
  • Implement effective green cleaning strategies as part of an integrated IAQ preventive maintenance plan to save money and protect health.
  • Assess current cleaning and IAQ preventive maintenance practices and identify areas in which to increase efficiency, improve reliability and reduce exposure to toxic chemicals.
  • Replicate the strategies used by a school district mentor to develop a successful approach to planned and predictive green cleaning and maintenance.

Learn from these experts!

  • Tracy Washington Enger, Facilitator, Indoor Environments Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Stephen Ashkin, President, The Ashkin Group
  • Mervin Brewer, Assistant Custodial Supervisor, Salt Lake City School District, Utah
  • Ricky Martinez, Assistant Custodial Supervisor, Salt Lake City School District, Utah