Pest Defense interviewed Carla Hoopes of the Kids in Action Initiative, a wildlife biologist from Montana with a focus on biological weed control. Read more about her initiative below.

What does your organization do?  

Kids In Action engages kids with scientists in fun activities in the classroom and outdoors.  

We do that by introducing interactive curriculum to get students closer to nature. With more activities than there are days in the school year, Kids In Action curriculum seamlessly replaces required STEM content and is no extra work for teachers. 

What impact does your organization have on schools? 

Kids In Action focuses on providing sustainable scientific opportunities to schools in underserved areas. These courses help students make a difference in their own lives and in their communities. We do that by initiating fun and meaningful ways for kids to engage in nature. For examples kids play native plant and weed identification games, make micro maps of their school landscape and begin to understand how scientists make a difference in invasive plant population control. 

Why do you think School IPM is important? 

Kids develop connections and learn how to care for nature. These people and place connections change their lives forever.  

Kids In Action coordinates with teachers, forms partnerships with schools and scientists who are familiar with the community. Bringing teachers and students (and their families) into the school IPM program increases community support to not only improve their schools but make their lives better in their communities. 


To learn more about Kids In Action courses. 


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