This month, Pest Defense interviewed Xcluder’s Vice President of Sales to learn more about their products and services. Read more about their company below. 

What service does your company provide?

Xcluder is the world leader in rodent exclusion products, offering an array of specialized rodent-proofing solutions. Xcluder Fill Fabric, designed for filling cracks and crevices, is the only rodent-proofing product on the market tested and proven effective by the USDA/APHIS lab. Xcluder’s Pest Control Door Sweeps come in various designs to protect personnel doors, garage doors and roll-up doors. We, also, produce a suite of products to protect the many rodent entry points surrounding a loading dock, including Dock Door Vertical Side Seals, Pull Chain Seals and Dock Leveler Seals.

How do your products relate to school IPM?

Rodents love school buildings. The regular food service and deliveries along with cluttered storage areas and garbage put schools at high risk for rodent infestation. Pest management experts agree that prevention and exclusion stops the problem before it starts. Xcluder’s rodent-proof door sweeps eliminate key entry points for rodents such as gaps under doors. Rodents can easily bite through plastic, rubber and brush strips used for weatherization. Finally, your school should consider Xcluder Fill Fabric to seal all gaps, cracks and holes larger than 1⁄4 inch, paying special attention to areas where pipes and other utilities penetrate walls, floors, and ceilings.

Why should I focus on excluding rodents?

Rodents can lead to health concerns and absenteeism in schools. Rodent urine, saliva and droppings can trigger asthma attacks, the leading cause of absenteeism in schools. Rodents, also, spread more than 35 diseases, and they transport fleas and ticks that carry even more diseases. Excluding rodents from school buildings will eliminate many of these health concerns.

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