Additional Resources for Teachers

National School IPM Information Source: IPM for School Faculty and Staff – Information on how to get IPM implemented at your school and enforce IPM strategies in your classroom.

Texas AgriLife Extension Southwest Technical Resource Center for IPM Schools and Child Care Facilities and Texas Integrated Pest Management Affiliate for Public Schools – IPM for Teachers – PowerPoint useful for teaching the basic principles of IPM to a new audience.

eXtension (2014) School Integrated Pest Management for Teachers – Helpful links and resources for teaching the principles of IPM to students.

University of Florida: Bed Bugs and Book bags – Shareable curriculum with videos and interactive lessons on bed bugs.

USDA Farm to School Program – Regional offices of Farm to School agents who can provide support to state agencies and other entities in their region.

Teaching Integrated Pest Management in the Classroom K-12 IPM Education – Curriculum by grade and by subject to be used for teaching students about the benefits of IPM.

University of Nebraska—Lincoln IPM Curricula and Resources for Teachers –  PowerPoint Presentation to be used in conjunction with the Teacher’s Guide and the Pest Private Eye video game to teach about Integrated Pest Management.