Custodian Training

Cleaning professional in schools know their buildings inside and out, and are often the first to find a pest- problem. Learn best IPM practices to improve sanitation, exclusion and monitoring of pests to resolve any problems at the root.

IPM Introduction

Introduction to IPM

School Nurses

School nurses deal with sick children at school, and children may be sick due to a number of reasons including pest or pesticide-related sensitivities or injuries. It is crucial that school nurses are aware of the common pests, pesticides and the risks posed by them. This IPM course covers everything school nurses need to know to make IPM part of their work.


Teacher description


Maintenance professionals in schools see every remote part of buildings, making them key agents in creating healthy learning environments. Learn how to use IPM as part of your daily work.

Facility Managers

Facility Managers straddle many responsibilities - from managing building and grounds sanitation and maintenance to upkeep of equipment and supplies, ensuring safety and security and even managing the budget for these services. Many of those responsibilities are linked to pest management, and this IPM training helps Facility Managers in their day to day work and keep pests out of school buildings.

Food Service

Food service areas are some of the most pest-vulnerable areas in a school because they offer pests food, water, and shelter. Clean and well-maintained food service areas are essential for the health and well-being of all people who eat and work in the area. Food service staff play an important role in the overall success of a school's IPM program. Learn how to "think pests" in your day to day work!

Training for Administrative Staff

Do you feel that as an administrator, pest management is not your business? Think again. A school IPM program involves everyone in the school, and as an administrator, you can make a difference and get your colleagues to listen! This training will show you how.

Landscape and Grounds

A healthy and functional landscape complements the school buildings and enhances the learning and working environment. This training course for Landscape and Grounds staff covers practices to maintain healthy landscapes and turf, physical, cultural, and biological pest control methods, and identification of common landscape and turf weeds, insects, and diseases.

IPM in Illinois Schools and Childcare Facilities

This training was approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health in compliance with the Illinois Structural Pest Control Code.

Invasive Jumping Worms Curriculum for Maple Grove Forest Preserve

This training was approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health in compliance with the Illinois Structural Pest Control Code.